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Monday, December 14, 2009

The 20MR Episode 31: Marathon training begins, winter running


After a couple weeks away, I am glad to say, "Welcome to Episode 31". Family illness, weather, and the busyness of the season have all contributed to the delay, but we are now back on track, on the roads, and preparing for the marathon coming up March 20, 2010.

We talk about a lot of things, mostly related to running, during the episode. We begin by using my wardrobe of the day to describe the benefits of technical clothing, both for the colder months and the summer heat. In this day and age, cotton just doesn't get it any more and there are a myriad of materials to make our runs both more comfortable and ultimately safer. Wicking is where it's at and these new materials are the "real deal."

With all that sometimes goes on in life, missing training is to be expected. Listen in as we discuss how important it is to keep it going. There are a couple of rules worth remembering:
  1. You can never finish something if you never start.
  2. You can never finish something if you stop and never start again.
You've been there and so have I, but the key is to get up and get going again. Don't let missing a workout (or workouts) keep you from accomplishing your running--or life--goals during this busy season. If you expect the interruption(s), then you will be prepared for almost anything.

What about winter/cold weather running? With snow--and more critically ice--in the forecast for central North Carolina, there are indoor alternatives: biking, treadmill running, or some other indoor activity to keep you on the right track with your running goals. There are really no get going! Winter is the time to maintain a base while throwing in some faster running about once a week. Those two things will keep you primed and ready for the Spring, warmer weather, and Summer races.

While a base and some faster running is really all that we should realistically be doing this time of year, I am breaking my own advice here as I am now officially training for the North Carolina Marathon. The race is only 15 weeks away and I have a good base on which to now build. Thanks for sharing the weeks to come with me. The weather and dark mornings will really test our resolve, but knowing you are along for the run will help it go easier.

The plans are to raise money for The American Lung Association at the marathon in memory of my father Samuel McDonald Cavanaugh. I need your input. If you have ever raised money for a charity by running a marathon, or any other race, LET ME HEAR FROM YOU. I desire your feedback on the experience and a nudge in the right direction about how to go about doing this. Also, be thinking about making a donation in March. I would be honored to mention your name on an upcoming episode as a contributor in the fight against Lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

I also talk about podcast frequency. Although some podcasters are going to every other week, or even once a month, I still want to do a weekly show--or as close to that frequency as possible. If we fail to get a show out in 7 or 8 days, keep checking; I will eventually get the next show out--Lord willing.

There are also a couple of websites (non-running, but good sites just the same) that I talk about. Check out the links below; you'll be glad you did.

My nephew, Jason, has his first 5K coming up at Wrightsville Beach, NC on December 19th. Jason, I will be expecting a race report and remind you to "pick up the pace!"

Finally, I close this episode with a pep talk of sorts and encourage you to get up, get out and get moving. While running does not guarantee more years to your life, I can guarantee that it will add more life to your years. Keep moving for yourself...and those you love.

It's good to have you on board. And as always,

Thanks for sharing some of road with me,
The 20 Minute Runner

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When sending email, please include your first name, city/state or country. Your email may be shared on a podcast. Also, feel free to send me a short mp3 or wav audio file. I might play it during a podcast. Your comments are always welcome.